Weight loss in Thailand

Its come to that time again when I make one of my trips back home. I know that I am going to be overindulging once I get back to the UK. I miss all the food types I can get in the UK when I am living in Thailand. Sure, Thai food is nice if you don't live here, or are a Thai - I used like eating Thai food every week, green curry normally, but once Read more [...]

A week in my life – May 2014 Pattaya

17th moved in to my new place, it took a while to move in all my stuff and i had no help. went to brass monkey bar on the the darkside and had a rank Shawna chicken kebab which really repeated on me and 2 small san Miguel whilst watching some bloody cycling on TV - back to room with a big san mig and a packet of lays. listened to a English guy Read more [...]

Spending time with family in Thailand

I am 1 week in now to a 3 week jaunt with my mum in Thailand. She has been many times before, I think she likes it, but the real reason is just to see me she tells me and I believe her. It all begins when she tells me that she wants to come and visit again a few months ago. I am thinking to myself, wow - its not long since she was last here! I Read more [...]