How to spot a LadyBoy

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I have been here in Thailand for quite some time, and I feel that I am pretty good at spotting lady boys now. I have spent a lot of time in the bar areas for many different districts of Bangkok, Koh Samui, Phuket and Hua Hin so I have aquired a lot of knowledge on the subject of girls and Ladyboys.

Ladyboys in Thailand are held in much higher regard than transexuals in most other countries. It has to be the Thai acceptance level is much higher and they have a do what you want to do attitude to life and sex in general. There are even LB’s in high powered jobs including politics. Thai people are playful at heart and often love to tease LBs but not in a nasty way, just have a joke with them. One girl I know will play a game of ‘spot the LB’ when she takes her 10 year old daughter to school – they just think its funny. In the UK, its going to be a long wait to play spot the transexual as you basically see one once in a blue moon, and they are very easy to spot!

In Thailand, its much harder to spot a transexual, in fact a lot of the men seem very feminine to begin with, and there is also a huge amount of gay guys in Thailand – my gay friend in Koh Samui once said to me ‘You know the difference between a straight and gay Thai guy?’ I said ‘No, what?’ and he said ‘About 1 bottle of Chang’ meaning that its easy to change a straight guy into a gay one according to him – I have no idea myself! I prefer ladies.

Here are a few of my checklists for sniffing out who is a girl and who is a boy.

1) Voice – normally the give away for me, if I hear an odd, slightly masculine voice, then I don’t take it any further other than a friendly chat. I think the voice is one of the hardest things for the transexuals to get right – have you ever tried speaking in a ladies voice?!

2) Legs – The LB’s legs are not going to be the same as a girls, they are going to be skinnier. Perhaps they are well toned as well after a few years of Muay Thai Boxing! Ladies legs generally have a bit more meat on the bones. Also LBs often get ass implants as well – these can be very painful and also dangerous, some say they can cause Cancer.

3) Hands – Bigger hands can often mean that you have got a bloke on your arm rather than a girl, so when you are checking the rest of her out, make sure you pay attention to her hands.

4) Not wanting to have sex! – If she has got you as far as the bedroom and you have not spotted that she is not 100% a lady, then if she refuses to take off her clothes then be worried! If she is only offering oral sex to you, then you could be in for a surprise.

5) How does she eat? – I know I as a man eat differently to my female companions – do she wolf down a burger in a few seconds flat, or does she just eat a little and then tell you that she is full? If the later, then more than likely a lady.

If you are living in Thailand and like to go out drinking and taking girls home, then at some point, you are going to make a mistake and wind up with a lady-boy. I have been in the situation a couple of years ago, I woke up in a tiny room with what looked like a fully clothes girl lying next to me. She would not show her face to me, which immediately made me think LADYBOY! Lucky for me, I was also fully clothed, and normally when I am drunk, I can not perform if you know what I mean!

Good luck finding what you want in Thailand – its not always what it seems!

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