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Accommodation in Thailand

There are massive differences in what you can get these days in Thailand in terms of accommodation. I was in a hotel last weekend here it is it was amazing! On the way out, I happened to see the prices for all the rooms they had available - and its was quite shocking! I have never seen a hotel room before for £1000 Read more [...]

Apartments in Thailand

My frequent visits to Thailand to see my son have made me realise the great variety of apartments that are available. Obviously, if you are just going for a holiday, like me, you would be looking for different things than if you were planning on staying long term in the country. Whichever you are considering you will need to consider your price Read more [...]

Trying to remain single in Thailand

Well, let me start by saying its not easy! This will be great news to a lot of people who have trouble getting a partner in their home country, and I expect you are not from Thailand if you are reading this as its all written in English and not Thai. OK since I have been here, over the last 3 years, I must have met over 100 girls and only a very small Read more [...]