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Accommodation in Thailand

There are massive differences in what you can get these days in Thailand in terms of accommodation. I was in a hotel last weekend here it is it was amazing! On the way out, I happened to see the prices for all the rooms they had available - and its was quite shocking! I have never seen a hotel room before for £1000 Read more [...]

Visas for Thailand and Cambodia

I have been in both countries and I see them as great travel destinations, and also livable countries as well. Thailand is always going to be ahead of Cambodia in terms of living conditions, I remember the first time I went to Cambodia about 6 years ago, they didn't even have ATMs! But now, as I understand it, they have many. My first trip to Read more [...]

Where to Live

I have lived in a few different places now over the last few years, they all have good and bad points - but you have to live somewhere at the end of the day. Bangkok - lived here for 2 months - not for me! Too busy, expensive and a lot of people are working here so hard to find people to hang out with. Koh Samui - very nice island, some great Read more [...]

Flooding in Bangkok

Well its the 11th of October 2011 and the flooding sounds pretty bad in BKK and also other areas. I think over 200 people have died. My friend in Bangkok just called and told me that she has to try and move everything upstairs in her house as the water is very close. She has an office in her garden with lots of school book in it (she is a teacher) so Read more [...]

Owning a Property in Thailand

Owning a Property in Thailand Owning a house in Thailand is a dream of many expats. Contrary to popular belief a farang can indeed acquire a fully built house in his own name or her own name in Thailand. The only problem is that the land which is built on is not owned by the foreigner. Now until houses can levitate and move to new locations, it's Read more [...]