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Thailand budget cost per day

I want to break it down for budget travellers on what to expect for day to day living costs in Thailand. Basic Traveller. If you want to do everything on the cheap, then Thailand can still offer a big bang for your Baht. Lets take Bangkok for example. Many backpackers love to hang out here, myself included when I was in my 20s. Costs Dorm Read more [...]

Living in Thailand on $400 a month

I have done the sums and I am pretty sure I could live here on the interest I get from my savings in the bank back home. I would have to give up a lot of things, such as beer (I would love to give it up but dont think its going to happen!), eating out at western food places (could maybe manage a KFC once in a while as you can get a meal for 90b). Here Read more [...]

Cheaper flights to and from Thailand

There is no question about it, flights are getting more expensive to Thailand. I remember when it used to be easy getting a sub £500 flight on the Etihad website without having to wait for a sale - now those kind of prices are for sales and when you do get notification, its a sub £500 flight to Abu Dabi! The cheapest return flight Read more [...]

Car Insurance Costs in Thailand

Today I picked up my car insurance, which is not as easy as it sounds! In the UK its relatively easy to get quotes in a few minutes even without having to leave the comfort of your own home. You can just log on to any of the car insurance websites and get a quote by simply putting in your number plate and they'll send you a quote. In Thailand Read more [...]