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Buying Tax for your car in Thailand

I have a Honda Jazz and its now 7 years old. This means that I now have to get my car checked before I can buy my tax. I took the car to a tax place last week as my tax was due to expire and i'd get a fine from the police if I don't have any. The tax place took a copy of my cars serial number - we call it a VIN in the UK - not sure what Read more [...]

Vasectomy in Thailand! Costs, what to expect.

I had thought about getting this done for a while now. I am getting close to my 40th birthday and I have never wanted children. Even in my longest relationship of 8 years with my ex girlfriend in the UK, not once did I ever think about kids. I understand that you can always get a vasectomy reversal these days anyway, which is meant to be fairly effective Read more [...]