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Chicken and Cashew Nuts

I headed over to a local friends restaurant for some dinner the other night. She is called Yum and her place is called Im Aroi which means Delicious and Full in Thai - actually, its the other way round! Full and Delicious, but anyway, you get the idea. You can watch the full video here if you like, and please leave a comment, subscribe, like and Read more [...]

Buying Chicken in Thailand

Chicken Skeleton anyone? I was in my local Big C today, its a chain supermarket and its the only one in Hua Hin. I was on the lookout for a nice chicken, but all I could find was this yucky sounding 'Chicken Skeleton' which to me does not sound like its going to have much meat on it right? It is pretty cheap though at only 13 bhat.   Read more [...]