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Traffic in Bangkok

Well took the Honda Jazz out on the streets for a spin today. I was feeling a little bit nervous about it to be honest - I mean I have just paid £8,0000 for this car and as I suspected the exchange rates have gone against me immediately! Yeah, the pound is now about 1 bhat stronger - so lets see... I paid at 47 to the pound and now will be about 48 Read more [...]

Crazy Stuff I Have Brought to Thailand :)

When you live here for a few years, you start to miss a few silly things from home. When ever I think about going home these days (for a few weeks at least), I think about all the things I am going to be bringing back in my case! Its never normal stuff anymore like most holiday makers would be packing, the stuff I am bringing with me is the kind of Read more [...]

Losing Weight in Thailand

Losing weight can be hard to do in any country, and especially Thailand where temptation is around every corner! How easy it can be to order just one more beer, or after that final beer, just nip into the nearest Burger King, 7-11 or some thai place for a tasty snacks after a night out. If you are determined to lose some weight when living in Read more [...]