Nightlife in Thailand

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Wow, there are a lot of options for a good night out in Thailand.

Thailand really comes alive at nighttime, as soon as it gets dark, it takes on a different feel altogether. I don’t like the nights always as I feel like I am missing out on something if I stay in, and if you live here, its good to stay in sometimes as there is just so much temptation out there.

At the low end of the scale, you could simply head to a night market which has many different options for a feast, and not just Thai food, all different types of food can be found here if you find a big night market. The drinks can tend to be pretty cheap as well in the night markets, maybe about 60b for a big bottle of beer. The food is going to be cheap here as well, you are not going to be paying much for a plate of Thai food, maybe about 30b – 50b for each dish. The night market is a great option if you are heading out with friends on a budget, its not going to cost that much and you could spend a nice hour or so looking around and choosing what to eat next.

What about sitting outside 7-11?! Don’t laugh – one day you may have to do it yourself! Maybe I have done this when all the bars have closed and also it would have been when I was a backpacker as well. But this has got to be the cheapest night out of all! In a similar vein, there is a shop near me where groups of (mostly 50+) western men sit outside a shop drinking beers at not much more than 7-11 prices as its just a normal shop where they drink. The Thai owners have spotted a gap in the market and they have even gone as far as opening the toilets up and providing seating and cushions, ash trays etc! Its as cheap as it gets in Thailand! I do occasionally go to these places – we call them ‘mom and pop’ stores for some reason.

Thai style bars. I hardly ever go to a Thai style bar for a drink, I only really do this if there is no other option, although it can be nice if there is a young girl serving you drinks in a nice beer branded dress, the Thais call the girls ‘pretties’ and they are they to give the customers some eye candy to look at. The can wear Leo, Sing and all the other usual beer brand dresses, they look very sexy as far as I am concerned.

Beer bars. Now we get to the place where you really start to find a lot of falangs, the beer bars. These places are all over the tourist resorts, they will often have several girls working there. The girls will serve you drinks and also you can buy then drinks and even take them out of the bar if you are feeling a bit… lonely lets say. You have to pay a premium to buy them a drink, normally about 40b more than what the drink would sell for normally, and the girl will get a cut of this drink price.

Go-Go Bars. These are all over the more mainstream tourist places such as Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket. I don’t mind going into them, but I do get a bit bored just staring at a girl dancing on stage – I mean, its OK for a little while, but really, it gets boring quickly just watching them dance. Again, you can ask these girls to come and have a drink with you or ask them if they would like to follow you home.

Nightclubs. You can find most of the nightclubs in Pattaya, Bangkok and the other main tourist areas – the Bangkok ones will be highly populated by the locals and in the more touristy areas, you will find a lot more falangs. The girls in here may or may not be available to you – better to go and say hello and see what she says!

Thats a break down of a few of the different types of nighttime areas you can find.

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