What to pack and take to Thailand

I start my packing well in advance – well, in theory I do. I start to make a list on my computer of what I’ll need. I note on the list the things I still need to buy (or borrow!). I make sure that my case is one of the lightest types so that I can make the most of my 23kg luggage allowance. Although I must say that in my experience these light Read more [...]

Lending money to people in Thailand

I am not happy! Its the 18th of September 2013 and I have just thrown away 5000b - well, I think I have. A friend, a Thai friend has asked to borrow 5000b and I said I would lend it to her. The reason why I lent it is because she is in jail right now due to a problem she had at her restaurant. Basically, she was playing some music and the police Read more [...]

Visiting your son or daughter in Thailand

I’m just planning my next trip out to see my son who’s living in Thailand which will be early next year. That inspired me to have another look at the video diary my son kept of my last trip – which he called the ‘Monthly Mumly Challenge’. I’ve just watched up to Day 3 and I’m going to save the rest to spread out my memories. My Read more [...]

Planning for a trip to Thailand

I’ve been to Thailand every year for the last three years to visit my son. I’m fortunate that I can be quite flexible so we tend to keep an eye on the prices on comparison websites and book when there are sales promotions. I prefer to go in the winter, if possible, either January or February. I find that the weather is at its best then and there Read more [...]